ACG Webinar With The Speakers Of The REHABpreneur Summit

ACG Webinar With The Speakers Of The REHABpreneur Summit

Today, we have 5 of the speakers of REHABpreneur Monetize Virtual Summit which is happening on June 29th and 30th. Each of them will share their experiences and expertise in their chosen alternative career.

In this podcast with the Speakers Of The REHABpreneur Summit :

02:55 – Where is Anthony Maritato come from?

04:30 –  Anthony on cash practice and Medicare and he has a course called Zero to pay Medicare billing

06:00 – Who is Scott Harmon?

09:05 – Jessica Drummond shares how she shifted from an orthopedic physical therapist to women’s health expert

12:15 – Asha tells us about her Therex Portal – a telerehab platform

14:15 – Bert tells about what he’s doing in his alternative career

14:40 – Bert is a Physical Therapist for 21 years and he is the mastermind of  The REHABpreneur Summit

16:40 – Tips on how to advance to an alternative career without going outside the therapy world

18:40 – Anthony talks about the alternative ways that you can use to play within the rules with Medicare

25:00 – Scott on how to implement a system in order to open your first clinic, a second clinic, and even a third one

32:03 – Jessica on women being the healthcare CEO’s of every family

37:58 – Asha shares about honing in on your niche and developing your own clinical practice guidelines

41:55 – Bert De Vera the mastermind of the REHABpreneur LIVE Online Summit

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