Interview With Steve Glukh MS, OTR/L

Steve Glukh

Interview With Steve Glukh MS, OTR/L 

How do I start your own business or your own practice?

Steve Glukh shares his advice and learning curves on his own business, his failures, and how he converted his failures to positive experiences.

He is the CEO of hellonote. 

In this episode:
02:55 – Introduction of Steve Glukh
07:00 – Starting your own business or practice is doable. – Steve
11:00 – There is no perfect EMR. – Dr. Mike
11:10 – Does your EMR match your current situation?
12:05 – Did Steve do Computer Science before OT or the other way around?
15:05 – How did hello note came about?
16:20 – How to pick an EMR that suits your practice. – Steve
20:05 – What is the vision of hellonote?
23:20 – Reaching out and tapping on resources is essential when you want to start your own business or practice.
24:30 – The goal is we want to see more entrepreneurs out there. – Steve
25:05 – Find your own passion and everything will follow. – Dr. Mike
33:00 – Do you want to kick-off your own OT practice? Here is how.
34:20 – Wanting to be a Certified Dementia Practitioner? Dr. Mike’s Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Seminar.
37:35 – Why the name “hellonote”?
41:40 – Every client in hellonote is our partner. – Steve
43:05 – What was Steve’s biggest failure and how did he turn it around?
47:45 – Learn from yourself. – Steve
48:55 – Failures will keep you successful.
52:35 – Follow the M.E.N.T.O.R method. – Dr. Mike
54:20 – Don’t be afraid to go out there and try to do something. – Steve
57:45 – Nothing is impossible if you F.O.C.U.S.
58:25 – Always remember the word F.A.S.T.
1:00:35 – Having a good network is just as important.

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