Introducing our New Alternative Career Coach – Todd Wickstrom

Todd Wickstrom

Today we have Todd Wickstrom as our featured alternative career coach. He is the CEO of Groove Enhancers Leadership Academy and a coach of an online course called Leading with Love.

I met him at SSPT Live and since then we developed a good relationship and I learned a lot from him.

I would like to introduce you to one of our coaches that will help ACG get better and bigger and to support and bring out the best in you.

In this podcast:

02:00 – Todd shares his experience and passion in life

06:25 – “Human beings have a specific set of needs just to feel content – competent, authentic and connected”

07:25 – “Leadership or team-building training investment for healthcare education”

09:50 – “Culture of fast, cheap and easy”

15:25 – “Most of the values we learned were around the dinner table”

19:10 – What does Groove Enhancers Leadership Academy really do?

21:47 – What is Spring Hiring Camp?

23:55 – “Everybody that is part of the team is equally invested in the livelihood business”

27:30 – Cash in the bank is one of the causes of burn out in your actual job

31:30 – “Team experience can never be better than client experience”

38:45 – What is Ever-Lasting Training Academy?

40:00 – The reason behind new coaches for ACG

43:00 – “The last impression is the lasting impression”

46:40 – “If you fail to describe the culture that you want, it will be described to you by the behavior that you tolerate”

49:45 – Learn how to delegate

56:00 – What is Todd’s passionately wanting to provide?

1:02:00 – Todd’s last parting wisdom

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