ACG Interview With Todd Wickstrom

Todd Wickstrom Interview

Today, we have Todd, one of the speaker of SSPT Live, to talk about how we can elevate ourselves in not just finding our alternative career but actually finding that specific thing for ourselves.

He is the author of the course Leading With Love.

In this podcast with Todd Wickstrom:

01:59 – What is this course all about?

02:16 – “Success is define by contribution; not by accumulation.”

03:48 – The more you give it out, the more you given return.

05:54 – “We have a moral obligation to hire.”

10:53 – How to find a lead with love?

11:14 – What to learn from the course?

12:34 – How can you reach Todd?

13:41 – “Money… is not good or bad, it’s a thing.”

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