The Unspoken Truth of Rehab with Monica Fleming OTR

Unspoken Truth of Rehab

The Unspoken Truth of Rehab with Monica Fleming OTR 

Do you want to the good, the bad, and the ugly with the Rehab world? 

Monica shares her personal experience – her struggles and wins with the rehab world. 

Overcoming obstacles with being an ICU PT during this pandemic. 

In this episode: 
04:50 – QOTD “Keep going. You’re closer than you think.” 
07:30 – Introduction of Monica Fleming. 
09:25 – Monica talks about what she does – being a PT in the ICU. 
11:00 – Why her podcast came about? 
11:50 – PT cannot exist without OT and vice versa. 
12:30 – What is the good reality? 
14:05 – Rehab can be a lucrative business if you do it correctly. 
14:55 – The bad and ugly side of rehab clinicians. 
16:00 – PTs are not just lifting teams. 
16:50 – In corporate America, they promote the mediocre and the weak. 
20:05 – Monica talks about work burnout. 
22:05 – What are the things she does to deal with burnout? 
23:25 – We work in the field of service and not servants. 
30:20 – Burnout is real. Selfcare is not selfish. – Dr. Mike 
37:30 – What is her biggest challenge in work and life and how did she turn this around? 
38:20 – Learn to let things just burn down. – Monica 
40:35 – Take action and learn to let go. – Dr. Mike 
42:15 – It is ok if rehab leads you to another profession.  
44:20 – Always remember the word FAST. 

Check out her podcast The Face-Off with Fleming and Fowler  

You can reach her at 

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