Utilization Reviewer Webinar with Liezl

Utilization Reviewer Webinar

Utilization Reviewer Webinar with Liezl

What does a Utilization Reviewer do?

Liezl shares her experience being a Utilization Reviewer and answer some questions about her new found career.

In this episode:
07:55 – Introduction of Liezl Geli (naviHealth)
09:45 – Liezl’s work experience through the years.
10:30 – When did Liezl decide to be a Utilization reviewer?
12:20 – What opened the door for her to be a Utilization reviewer?
16:45 – What prompted her to pursue a career as a Utilization reviewer?
26:20 – Did Liezl volunteer as a utilization reviewer or an MDS coordinator, do you have to have experience with a DRG when applying as a utilization reviewer?
27:35 – Liezl’s tip for being a Utilization Reviewer – pay attention to details.
29:55 – Did she take any certification course after attending Bill’s class?
32:30 – Learn and take action.
34:10 – Is Liezl enjoying her new alternative career?
36:40 – FOCUS – Finish One Course Until Successful.
37:00 – Explore and open your mind to learning.
49:25 – Is Peer review same as Utilization review?
49:40 – What does the Appeals and Denials department do?
1:00:00 – Does UR work on holidays?
1:05:15 – Does working as a utilization reviewer compensating?
1:06:10 – Is there a productivity requirement?
1:09:35 – Is it stressful to be a UR?
1:14:40 – What are the most useful skillset for a UR?
1:19:45 – Can you still work part-time while working with naviHealth)?
1:28:25 – Learn to adjust and adapt to every situation. – Dr. Mike
1:32:25 – How is UR different from a clinical documentation specialist?
1:33:55 – Do you set your own working hours?
1:35:55 – Why are nurses always the MDS coordinator?
1:42:35 – After reviewing a case does a UR write a report?
1:45:05 – How many cases do they handle per day?
1:47:05 – Does she still achieve a work-life balance?
1:49:45 – What are the company benefits of naviHealth?

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