How to Transition from being a PT to a SPED Teacher with Vanessa Rosalan

Vanessa Rosalan

How to Transition from being a PT to a SPED Teacher with Vanessa Rosalan 

Is teaching your calling? 

Vanessa shares her story from graduating from PT school to becoming a SPED teacher.  

She also shares 3 important things on how to reach your goal or your calling. 

In this episode: 
03:30 – QOTD “Believe it in your heart, speak it into existence and live it out like it’s already yours.” 
05:30 – Introduction of Vanessa Rosalan. 
07:50 – Vanessa shares her humble beginning from graduating PT school to her first teaching stint. 
10:55 – On being a consultant in 3 school districts. 
12:40 – What has led her to pursue a career of being a SPED teacher? 
15:55 – Getting out of your comfort zone will open a lot of opportunities. – Dr. Mike 
16:05 – What was her comfort zone and how did she get out of it? 
21:30 – How does one become a SPED teacher in the US? 
35:25 – What was her biggest challenge in transitioning from being a PT to becoming a SPED teacher? And how did she turn this around? 
39:55 – Vanessa’s mindset – to always learn and have room for growth. 
42:05 – Have a good mindset, make yourself marketable and always trust God. 
45:50 – Be an expert on what you do and invest in yourself. 
48:15 – Always remember the word FAST. 

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