Interview with Ms. Angie Arrington, an Outreach Liaison in Regency Retirement Village in Jackson, TN

Angie Arrington

Interview with Ms. Angie of Regency Retirement Village 

 Today, we have Ms. Angie from Regency Retirement Village. Let’s get to know her!  

 In this podcast:  
00:25 - Who is Ms. Angie and what is Regency Retirement Village?  
02:20 - Remember the word F.A.S.T.! 

 For more details:  

 Angie Arrington 
Outreach Liaison 
Regency Retirement Village 
420 Cheyenne Drive • Jackson, Tennessee 38305 
Phone: 731-693-5464 • Office: 731-661-9888 • Fax: 731-661-9056  

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