Career Transition with Mike Chua and Marcy Travis

With Marcy Travis

With Marcy Travis

Today we have a very special guest, Marcy Travis, where we talk about career transition.

Marcy has a few freebies to give away at the end so tune in!

In this podcast:

01:50 – Marcy talks about transitioning to a job you love

02:30 – Marcy talks about herself and her previous work

05:00 – Marcy talks about the job market and why unemployment rates will help you find the job you love

10:30 – How do you get started in finding a career you love?

14:00 – How do you find the skills you love to use?

20:00 – What should you do if you’re great at doing something but hate it?

25:00 – Got to and you will get the three steps on how to find a career that you love

27:00 – How do you streamline your resume to the position you are applying for?

28:00 – Marcy shows us a sample resume

32:00 – How and Why should you simplify your header on your resume?

34:00 – Why is it important for you to have your own website?

37:00 – Visit to get a step by step checklist on how to make a top-notch resume

38:00 – How do you find a coach without a personal reference?

43:00 – How do you achieve work-life balance, and how do you prepare for retirement later?

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