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Delusions Vs Hallucinations

Delusions Vs Hallucinations

What are Delusions? Hallucinations? In this podcast, we will talk about Delusions vs. Hallucinations. 01:38 – Delusion is a false idea, frequently a misinterpretation of a situation. The suspicious delusion is frequently referred to as Paranoia. 02:20 – Hallucinations is a false sensory perception where the patient sees, hears, feels, or smells something that isn’t

Caring For Your Stroke Patients Who Have Dementia With Karen Malone

Podcast With Karen Malone

Today we have Karen Malone who is also a Physical Therapist. Her specialty is stroke. We’re here today to learn about stroke and the different interventions that we can do if you have a patient who has dementa and also had a stroke. In this episode with Karen Malone: 01:00 – Where is Karen Malone

MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast With Jerri Bosch Manale

MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast With Guest Jerri Bosch Manale

  Our special guest today is Jerri Bosch Manale. She is a full time caregiver for her husband who has Frontal Temporal Dementia. In this podcast with Jerri Bosch Manale: 01:30 – Jerri tells us her story and her experiences with her husband’s dementia 04:00 – Jerri and Mike talk about having a proper diagnosis

40 Awesome Holiday Gift Ideas For Seniors

holiday gift ideas for seniors

If you’re looking for a wonderful gift that your senior loved ones will use and enjoy, we’ve got you covered. We put together 40 of holiday gift ideas for seniors. We have a wide range of gifts that seniors will love and that will also be useful for them and their caregivers. We are sure that you

Misunderstanding Dementia Podcast with Francesca Alonso Tubbs

The MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast With Guest Francesca Alonso Tubbs

  Our special guest today is Francesca Alonso Tubbs. She is a speech therapist and we will learn a lot from her today especially about starting a business and in being a caregiver. She has a business, Perfect Solutions For Seniors in Sarasota, Florida. In this podcast with Francesca Alonso Tubbs: 01:30 – Francesca talks

9 Useful Bathroom Aids For Seniors To Make Everyday Tasks Easier

bathroom aids for seniors

As people age, it can become more difficult to perform everyday tasks. It also gets harder to do tasks we do in the bathroom. That includes washing hands, using the toilet, and bathing. Helpful bathroom aids for seniors make it easier to take care of daily tasks, reduce the risk of falls, and stay as independent

Daily Dementia Dose: Lack of Awareness, Denial and Anosognosia

Daily Dementia Dose Lack of Awareness, Denial and Anosognosia

Last week, I saw a patient and he had a hip replacement. He kept on dislocating it. We instructed him, no bending at more than 90 degrees, no twisting, no crossing. He doesn’t have a diagnosis of dementia. In my personal opinion, he’s probably on the early stages of denial. The word Anosognosia, means lack

Daily Dementia Dose: When Faced with Criticism

Daily Dementia Dose When Faced with Criticism

Today is Labor Day. Happy Labor Day! I just finished working out and went to Walmart to buy my wife some stuff. Yesterday, our pastor, Pastor Mike, talked about facing criticism. He faced a lot of criticism in his life especially with him being a pastor. Even Jesus Christ himself faced a lot of criticism.