Daily Dementia Dose: Don’t take it personally

I just finished my second interview podcast with Ashley Nicole Patterson.

She’s a nursing assistant in a wonderful nursing home in Maryland.

I’ve asked her a lot of questions and there’s one thing that really stood out on our interview today.

It’s – don’t take it personally.

A lot of people, a lot of caregivers, when we’re taking care of our loved ones, sometimes when they something bad, and they become angry, we take it personally.

To tell you the truth, it’s the disease. It’s hard to say it, but it is the disease that is overtaking their cognition function.

When they say something bad, just don’t take it personally.

I know it’s hard, because my dad, during his last days, he was always irritated.

It is hard especially if it’s your loved one that you are taking care of but just don’t take it personally.

A lot of nurses and therapists, when we see patients, they say a lot of bad stuff, but we just let it go.

When you are taking care of your loved ones, when they say something bad, it’s not you.

It’s the disease that is going through their brain.

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