Daily Dementia Dose: Gait training

Gait training

We have a question in our group asking about if we have talked about gait training.

With regards to physical therapy and your dementia patients, your physical therapist will do their assessment and check on the patient’s reflexes and their balance.

One of the many causes of falling with dementia patients, we’ve talked about it before, like: blood pressure issues, hearing issues, vision issues and a lot of other things.

But one big important factor is reflexes. The physical therapist will do the evaluation for your loved ones.

They need to check their balance, and the reflexes on their knee, ankle, and everything.

A lot of patients fall because they don’t have that reflexes anymore.

They can be the strongest person in the world but if they do not have the quick muscle reflexes, then they’ll have a hard time catching themselves.

It also depends on the stage of the patient.

If they are in the early stages, where they can still follow directions, then it’s good. You can work with them and help direct them on how to workout their reflexes.

On the latter stages, you can do simple activities with them. Like simple standing activities.

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