Daily Dementia Dose: Sometimes You Just Have to STOP


I am wearing my scrubs today and I worked earlier in a nursing home.

I was talking to one of the caregivers and she told me that she’s so tired, and that she’s taking care of her mother.

She said that she has to put her mother in a nursing home.

I told her that sometimes, you just have to stop.

I was listening to this course and it said that sometimes you just have to stop.

They have an acronym STOP:

S – Stop – stop what you’re doing right now if you’re getting burned out or tired.

T – Take some deep breaths – make sure that you’re oxygenating your body because sometimes, when we’re stressed out, we forget to take deep breaths. The only time we’re doing deep, good breathing is when we’re exercising.

O – Observe – observer your surroundings. Look around you. Be in that moment. If you see trees, enjoy the trees.

P – Proceed – after doing STO, you then proceed and go ahead to do what you’re supposed to do.

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