Daily Dementia Dose: Student of the Month

Daily Dementia Dose Student of the Month

Right now, I am here at Martin Elementary School and my daughter Isaiah is one of the students of the month.

I just wanted to harp on that, that all of us caregivers, therapists, whether you are a nurse therapist, or a caregiver who takes care of your loved one, were all students.

We need to keep on learning.

We need to keep on adding skills, adding value in ourselves. In that way, we can push ourselves to the next level.

My daughter is in fourth grade now and next year she’ll be in fifth grade. And she will keep on learning and learning new skills.

It’s the same with us caregivers. If you want to be the best caregiver, the best nurse, or the best therapist, or you want to be the person, you have to keep on learning.

Not just because you want to be the student of the month, you want to level up in taking care of your loved ones.

You want to level up your profession.

You want to level up your life.

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