Dementia and its Causes

Dementia and its Causes

Dementia and its Causes

What is Dementia? What are the causes of Dementia?

Is there a treatment regimen for Dementia? Can you recover from it?

All these questions and more will be addressed in this episode of Misunderstanding Dementia.

In this episode of Misunderstanding Dementia:
01:20 – Dementia is a terminal disease.
01:43 – Identify true dementia vs. pseudo dementia.
02:55 – Early and proper diagnosis plays a vital role in dementia treatment.
03:30 – We cannot change the destination of the disease but we can enjoy the journey.
04:20 – For caregivers and healthcare workers: Be realistic and learn to adjust to the situation.
05:30 – Seek immediate diagnosis to minimize from becoming worst.
05:50 – For family members: Learn to educate loved ones and family members.
06:40 – Give the patient the right to make decisions.
07:10 – Document what is working and what is not.
07:20 – Keep a journal of the Dementia journey.
08:20 – Not all medications has the same action to patients.
09:30 – The bigger the challenge the bigger the victory.

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