Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

This is a Japanese proverb that I’ve heard again and again. I also saw it one time in the Bible.

When you’re caregiving or taking care of loved ones, or somebody with Dementia. Most of the time, the technique that we use doesn’t work for the first time.

So just keep trying. It’s not how many times you’ve failed, or fallen, or attempted to do that procedure or that technique of redirecting your loved ones. But it’s how many times you do it again and again.

So the more failure that you do, the more successes you get.

That’s my challenge for you today.

It’s not how many times you failed, or fallen or got sick. It’s how many times you get up and do this all over again.

Remember, failure is not a person. It’s not you, it’s not the Dementia patient, it’s not the person. A failure is just an event.

So if you fail, just keep trying. Do whatever technique, or do another style of approach. In that way, you will have success of taking care of your loved ones, or your dementia patients.

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