Misunderstanding Dementia Podcast with Francesca Alonso Tubbs

The MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast With Guest Francesca Alonso Tubbs


Our special guest today is Francesca Alonso Tubbs.

She is a speech therapist and we will learn a lot from her today especially about starting a business and in being a caregiver.

She has a business, Perfect Solutions For Seniors in Sarasota, Florida.

In this podcast with Francesca Alonso Tubbs:

01:30 – Francesca talks about why she travels back and forth California and Florida

02:50 – Francesca talks about Perfect Solutions For Seniors

04:00 – Francesca talks about the book – The 36 Hour Day

06:00 – Francesca and Dr. Mike talk about asking for help

08:00 – What made Francesca decide to start and focus on her business?

12:00 – Francesca and Dr. Mike talk about support groups

14:00 – Francesca and Dr. Mike talk about caregiver burnout

16:00 – What advise can Francesca give to other caregivers and therapists? How do you handle burnout?

20:00 – Francesca talks about taking small steps


You can visit Frankie’s website here – https://www.perfectsolutionsforseniors.com/.


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