Happy Valentine’s My Friends! So How Do You Love? Be Like My Wife Puppen Chua

How Do You Love

Happy Valentine's my friends! So how do you Love? Be like my wife Puppen Chua

Dr. Mike's advise on Valentine’s day – be a good lover.

How do you become a good lover?

Dr. Mike Chua gives an inspiring and well thought off acronym to his wife’s (PUPPEN) name.

Find out more in this podcast.

In this episode of Misunderstanding Dementia:
01:05 – Be Positive.
01:25 – Be Uplifting. Uplift other people.
02:00 – Preserve your power.
02:50 – Be Patient.
03:00 – Energy. Know when and where to give out your energy.
03:20 – Never say No. Never say no to someone or something that you love.

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