Caring For Your Stroke Patients Who Have Dementia With Karen Malone

Podcast With Karen Malone

Today we have Karen Malone who is also a Physical Therapist.

Her specialty is stroke. We’re here today to learn about stroke and the different interventions that we can do if you have a patient who has dementa and also had a stroke.

In this episode with Karen Malone:

01:00 – Where is Karen Malone from and where does she practice?
02:00 – Did Karen get a certification to care for people who have had a stroke?
05:00 – Using meaningful activities for your patients
08:00 – What are the causes of stroke?
10:30 – Blood pressure
13:00 – No two strokes are the same so you will need to consult with a therapist
16:00 – How is perception affected in stroke patients?
18:30 – Tips for you if you have a loved one or a patient who has had a stroke
Karen,s website:
Karen’s FB group: The Stroke Movers
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