Tuesday Dementia Training with Lanisha Martin

Lanisha Martin

Tuesday Dementia Training with Lanisha Martin

How do we provide care to patients who have Dementia?

Lanisha Martin is a COTA, CDP, and Author of “Providing Care with Dementia”. Today, she will talk about her book and what can you learn from it.

In This Podcast:
01:13 – Introducing Lanisha Martin.
02:43 – It takes special skills to take care of a patient who has Dementia.
03:18 – What is COTA?
04:55 – Lanisha’s book.
08:10 – The goal is to LEARN.
09:17 – What can we learn from Lanisha’s book?
13:32 – Sundowning.
15:06 – Caregiver burnout.
16:06 – Good rapport.
17:31 – Music is very important to your memory.
18:16 – Sleep is important to people who have Dementia.
20:01 – Vision can also change the behavior.
24:48 – Sometimes, we don’t need lecturing, we just need a reminder.
28:41 – Where can you reach Lanisha and where can you find her book?
30:26 – Always remember the word F-A-S-T!

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