Misunderstanding Dementia Podcast With Erika Graham

With Erika Graham

With Erika Graham

Our special guest today is Erika Graham who is a full-time caregiver for her mother.

Her mother has an early onset dementia.

Erika used to be an awesome truck driver. She competed in a lot of competitions and was also awarded “Truck Driver Of The Year.”


In this podcast:

01:30 – Erika tells us about herself and being fortunate for having a lot of family in the area

04:00 – How did Erika end up being a caregiver?

07:00 – What were Erika’s struggles?

09:00 – Mike and Erika talk about physical activity and rest

11:00 – Why does Erika think other caregivers experience burnout?

15:00 – What helped Erika in this journey and how is she coping with it?

22:00 – What is the one thing that Erika wished she knew before all of this happened?

25:00 – What advise can Erika give to caregivers who are going through the same situation as hers?

Below is an example of a guided meditation video Erika talked about.

Here’s the weighted blanket we were talking about.

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