MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast With Peter Berry

With Peter Berry


With Peter Berry

Today we have Peter Berry as our guest.

Peter used to run a lumber business for 20 years, and he was just recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s three years ago.

We talk about Alzheimer’s and we also want to talk about successes in life.

Peter just recently finished 354 miles of riding a bicycle for a certain group in London.

In this episode:

02:00 – Peter tells us about himself.

05:00 – Peter talks about the time when he first found out about his Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

11:00 – Mike and Peter talk about focusing on your strengths.

16:00 – Peter talks about achievements and making your bed every morning.

21:00 – Mike and Peter talk about changing lives and being significant.

23:00 – What advice can Peter give to dementia caregivers?

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