Daily Dementia Dose: Repetition, Routine, Reminiscing

Routine and repetition

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Last night, I was listening to Vicki Fitch, she has this really good book about dementia.

She has this acronym – GRACE.

R is for Routine.

Routine is very important when it comes to your dementia patients, because if you have routine, you minimize the behavior.

Routine and repetition is very important because like in therapy, the word rehab in rehabilitation means repeat, having civility, if you put those two words together, it’s called – rehabilitate.

In order for you to regain what you lost, you have to keep repeating that same stuff again and again.

Just like in exercising.

You have to keep on repeating the exercise so that muscle gets stronger.

It’s the same thing with routine.

You have to have a regular routine for your loved ones to minimize their behaviors.

Repetition and routine is the key.

Repetition is the mother of learning, it is the father of action and the architect of results.

If you want to have results with your family members and with your loved ones, you have to make a routine and repetition for your loved ones.

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