Come and Check out Slayton’s Corner Clinic at Milan with Dr. Ruth Ann Slayton, DNP

Slayton's Corner Clinic

Come and Check out Slayton's Corner Clinic at Milan with Dr. Ruth Ann Slayton, DNP 

Looking for a health clinic that provides quality holistic care services? 

Slayton’s Corner Clinic is your healthcare home. 

In this episode: 
01:30 – Introduction of Dr. Ruth Ann Slayton. 
02:00 – What are the different services provided by Slayton’s Corner Clinic? 
02:50 – What are the different infusions for muscle cramps? 
03:30 – DOT Physical Certification. 
04:25 – What are the different women’s health services offered by Slayton’s Corner Clinic? 
05:50 – Different screenings done at Slayton’s Corner Clinic. 
06:05 – What are the different health insurances accepted? 
07:00 – Slayton’s Corner clinic hours. 
08:05 – Always remember the word FAST. 

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