Interview with Atty. Sara Barnett and Atty. Heather Gavrock from Spragins, Barnett & Cobb, PLC

Spragins Barnett & Cobb PLC

Interview with Atty. Sara Barnett and Atty. Heather Gavrock from Spragins, Barnett & Cobb, PLC 

 Atty. Barnet and Atty. Gavrocks talks about a very important legal topic when caring for patient’s with Dementia – Power of Attorney. 

 What is Power of Attorney? When do you actually need one? 

 In this episode of Misunderstanding Dementia Podcast: 
04:00 – Brief history about Lady Justice. 
01:30 – Introduction of Atty Barnett and Atty. Gavrock (what services they offer) 
03:00 – When is the good time to get a Power of Attorney? (before, during or while having Dementia) 
03:20 – Everybody needs a Power or Attorney. 
04:35 – What is a Power of Attorney? 
05:30 – How important is Asset Protection? 
06:30 – Take note of the 5-year look back period. 
09:55 – Plan ahead and call us. 

 Phone number 731 424 0461 
Atty. Heather Gavrock 
Atty Sara Barnett 

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