Write a Book! Share your Story!

write a book

I just wanted to encourage and invite everyone!

There’s a new free group – Healthy Books – by Jeremy Sutton. You have to check it out.

If you’re a therapist, a dementia warrior, or a nurse, or somebody who is taking care of a dementia patient, then you need to write a book.

You need to write your story, you need to write the stuff that you’re going through. In that way, you can inspire other people on how to take care of their dementia patients because when you’re writing, you’re releasing happy hormones in your life.

That’s my special challenge for you today whether you’re a nurse, a caregiver, or taking care of a loved one who has dementia. I need you to write a book and share what you’re going through.

It doesn’t have to be detailed, but it will help you release stress and make you feel better. At the same time, having a journal will bring out the best for you and the patient you are taking care of.

Write a book and share your story!

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