ACG Podcast With Jaclyn Elizabeth

ACG Podcast Interview With Jaclyn Elizabeth



Our ACG special guest today is Jaclyn Elizabeth.

They sell peripheral vascular equipments.

In this podcast with Jaclyn Elizabeth:

01:00 – Where is Jaclyn from?

02:00 – What are peripheral vascular equipments?

03:00 – Jaclyn tells us about her job and the qualifications. Do you have an advantage if you have a clinical background?

06:00 – What are the products that they sell?

09:00 – Do they have a training department?

13:00 – How much on an average does Jaclyn’s job pay?

18:00 – Jaclyn talks about her work.

23:00 – What are the negatives in Jaclyn’s job?

28:00 – Jaclyn talks about –

29:00 – Does Jaclyn use an assessment finder?

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