Interview With Amanda Bizeau and Brittany Todd Of LHC Extendicare – Paris, TN

Meet Amanda Bizeau, account executive, and Brittany Todd, RN of LHC Home Health Extendicare, who are going to help us understand home health.

In this episode with Amanda Bizeau and Brittany Todd

01:10 – What does Amanda do? What is Extendicare Home Health?

02:00 – Differences in medicare plans 

03:15 – How can one change their insurance plans to what benefits them the most? How do they know what insurance plan will benefit them the most?

05:00 – What are the different services nurses give in home health?

07:15 – What is medication reconciliation and how does it help home health patients?

08:35 – LHC’s everyday check in on patients

10:50 – What are the key benefits of home health services?

11:25 – How does one qualify for home health services? 


You can reach Amanda and Brittany at 731-644-9925

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