Featured Alternative Career Coach Dr. Josh Payne, PT, DPT, Concierge PT Business Coach

Featured Alternative Career Coach Dr. Josh Payne, PT, DPT. Concierge PT Business Coach

Today we have Dr. Josh Payne and he is our Featured Alternative Career Coach for this week.

He is a PT Business Coach and author of the book called Concierge PT Success Formula


In this Podcast:

2:20 – What is Concierge PT?

3:20 – Why did Josh decide to become a Concierge PT?

7:20 – How Josh helps aspiring Concierge PT’s start from scratch

9:55 – How much is Josh’s book?

12:30 – What is Josh’s goal within this year?

13:00 – Tips on how to start your own Concierge PT practice

16:35 – Who do you want to serve? Find your niche or avatar

18:25 – More tips from Josh

21:30 – Where can you reach Josh?

22:25 – Does Josh coach SLP’s?

24:45 – Josh’s words of wisdom

27:00 – The good thing about having your own business

29:50 – It’s not all about the 8-5

33:40 – Does Josh coach online?

34:35 – What is a “mastermind”?


Want to reach out to Josh?

Visit his website Concierge PT Business Coaching

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=16739051

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