Beyond the Traditional Therapist Role With Arwa Motiwala, MPT

Arwa Motiwala

Beyond the Traditional Therapist Role With Arwa Motiwala, MPT

Do you want to leverage your Physical Therapy Practice?

Arwa shares her humble beginning from practicing as a PT to having her own home health contract.

In this episode:
01:55 – “The grass is greener where you water it. Where are you watering?”
07:15 – Introduction of Arwa Motiwala.
08:55 – Arwa shares her journey from being a PT to starting her own business.
14:55 – What motivated Arwa to start her home health contract?
16:40 – How many staff does she have right now?
17:05 – Dr. Mike encourages to start small when it comes to having own practice.
19:10 – It doesn’t matter how many times you got rejected; what matters is how many times you got up. – Dr. Mike
28:05 – How did Arwa got the interview for assisted living?
30:00 – You already have the skill set, the talent and qualifications – so what is stopping you from moving forward with your career?
34:15 – What is the next step for Arwa’s business?
37:00 – Arwa shares her biggest challenge and how she turned it around.
41:55 – Just keep going, there is always that light at the end of the tunnel. – Arwa
45:20 – Always remember the word FAST.

You can reach Arwa Motiwala via email
Her website

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