Interview With Catherine Addonizio, DPT

Catherine Addonizio

Interview With Catherine Addonizio, DPT

Are you having second thoughts as to when to start your own business? 

NOW is the best time to start and build your alternative career – having your own home health practice. 

In this episode:
03:30 – “Don’t be afraid to do the work!”
05:40 – Introduction of Dr. Catherine Addonizio.
10:11 – Catherine’s work history before starting her own practice.
11:20 – Pay attention and learn from your current situation.
12:40 – What is Rehab on Wheels?
15:00 – How did Rehab on Wheels come about?
16:00 – Providing quality care always leaves a lasting impact.
22:55 – What EMR is Dr. Catherin using with her Rehab on Wheels?
26:00 – How many staff does she have with her practice?
32:15 – What was Dr. Catherine’s biggest failure and how did she turn it around?
37:20 – If you want to open a business – focus on opening it!
38:55 – Always remember the word FAST.

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