Daily Dementia Dose: From Surviving to Significance

I was just inspired by Peter Berry. I just finished an interview with him this morning.

Peter is actually an Alzheimer’s and Dementia patient. He’s 53 years old and he just finished a bicycle marathon.

He has dementia.

He told me, “Michael, I can’t read anymore, I can’t concentrate anymore, but I can still ride a  bicycle and I want to focus on my strengths.”

He said during the interview that he was depressed and that he was on a survival mode.

And now, he’s on that significance mode, and he wants to make a big significance, a big change, a major shift in the dementia world.

He’s not researching about a cure, but he’s definitely changing the world by making a significance.

He’s actually a patient. He’s not a caregiver.

If you’re a caregiver right now, and you’re “considered normal,” and you don’t have any cognitive issues, then I think you can make a significance in your world right now.

You can be significant with your loved ones, you can be significant to the people around you.

My challenge for you today is to stop being on survival mode and start being on the significance mode.

Because when you become significant, you change the world. And you change not only yourself but the people around you.

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