Daily Dementia Dose: Power Over Your WORDs as a Caregiver

naysayers and haters

As a caregiver, we tell stuff all the time to our loved ones.

Sometimes we tell them negative things – “You forgot this again.”

There’s power over what you say.

There’s power over your words.

If us as therapists, if we tell the patient that they are weak, that’s what they would expect.

But if we tell them that they are going to get better and that they will recover, they will definitely get better.

There is always power in what you say.

Your words are just like seeds. If you plant an apple seed, you will get an apple tree and it will bear apple fruits.

If you plant positive words in your loved ones life, you will get positive results.

I was just observing in one of the Facebook groups that I am following, that some people are planning negative words. And they get negative reactions.

It’s the same thing with your patients. If you keep on planting negative things, then you get negative results.

So always remember to be positive.

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