Daily Dementia Dose: When Faced with Criticism

Daily Dementia Dose When Faced with Criticism

Today is Labor Day. Happy Labor Day!

I just finished working out and went to Walmart to buy my wife some stuff.

Yesterday, our pastor, Pastor Mike, talked about facing criticism.

He faced a lot of criticism in his life especially with him being a pastor. Even Jesus Christ himself faced a lot of criticism. Even when he was doing the right thing.

It’s the same thing when you’re taking care of loved ones, when you’re taking care of a dementia patient, when you’re taking care of any kind of patient.

You will face a lot of criticism. Not only from the patient themselves but also with your family members, or the family members of the patient.

You will face a lot of criticism.

But here’s the thing, you gotta keep pushing forward like what our pastor said. You just keep on pushing forward and follow what God wants you to do in your life.

If you’re encountering criticism right now, ignore them.

There are two types of criticism.

First is the constructive criticism, and the other one is the destructive criticism.

Most of the time, people who want constructive criticism for you end up being destructive.

Don’t focus on that. Focus on the good things. Focus on your goals in taking care of your loved ones.

Keep on focusing on your goal.

Ignore the criticism.

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