Daily Dementia Dose: You get what you expect

Daily Dementia Dose You get what you expect

The other day, I went to a dementia patient.

According to his history, he has a really bad behavior.

I expected to see the bad behavior. I was expecting that he would be always mad and irritated by everything.

However, in my head, I told myself to change my mindset and change the expectation I have of this person.

I have to go in, expecting that this person is nice to me.

When I got there, amazingly, he was very nice to me. His wife was actually surprised.

The patient was nice to me and he was also nice to his wife.

Sometimes we just have to change our mindset. We have to change our expectation with other people.

If we expect the good, the clean, and an uplifting person, then guess what, you will get that person.

If you go in a patient’s room expecting that it will be a bad experience, you are going to get that bad experience.

That is the power of mindset. That is the power of changing your mindset and outlook.

If you believe you are going to be successful in life, then you will be successful.

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