Misunderstanding Dementia Podcast with Dr. Jenna Kantor

Our special guest today is Dr. Jenna Kantor.

She’s also a physical therapist and she has some experience with taking care of dementia patients.

In this podcast with Dr. Jenna Kantor:

01:00 – Jenna talks about herself and her experiences

02:00 – Jenna talks about dementia running in the family and Mike tells us more about it

05:00 – Jenna talks about her experiences with her mom who has dementia

09:30 – What helped Jenna cope with the situation?

14:00 – What does Jenna wish she could have known before the situation began?

15:00 – Jenna talks about her group – Powerful Performer

21:00 – What advice can Jenna give to other caregivers?


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