Delusions Vs Hallucinations

Delusions Vs Hallucinations

What are Delusions? Hallucinations?

In this podcast, we will talk about Delusions vs. Hallucinations.

01:38 – Delusion is a false idea, frequently a misinterpretation of a situation. The suspicious delusion is frequently referred to as Paranoia.

02:20 – Hallucinations is a false sensory perception where the patient sees, hears, feels, or smells something that isn’t really there

03:00 – What are the causes of delusions and hallucinations?

06:40 – The verbal abuse is not actually the verbal abuse itself, it’s actually the brain having an issue processing

08:00 – What are the types of Delusional Disorder?

13:05 – What do we do with all these patients and all these delusions and hallucinations disorder?

15:20 – Treatment most often includes medication and psychotherapy and therapeutic activities

16:00 – What are the conventional and atypical antipsychotics medication?

17:19 – Why is psychotherapy important and what are the types of psychotherapy?

19:30 – Can Delusional Disorder be prevented?

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