Interview with Dr. Cameron J. Camp, Ph.D., a Director of Research & Development for Center for Applied Research in Dementia

Dr. Cameron J. Camp

Center for Applied Research Edited 

 Today, we have an interview with Dr. Cameron and we will discuss his profile and his field about Dementia. 

 In this podcast:  
1:00 - NCCDP and ICCDP 
3:30 - What is Montessori Way in approaching with dementia care?  
9:25 - What is the process called “Normalization”? 
11:35 - Dr. Cameron’s 6 hour course. 
15:15 - Worldwide Montessori Inspired Lifestyle Federation 
17:45 - Dr. Cameron’s approach to people with dementia 
21:25 - An awesome story from Dr. Cameron! 
27:05 - Welcome your mistakes. 

Links: - National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners - International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners 

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