Interview With Fitzherbert “Fitz” Harry

Fitzherbert Harry

Interview With Fitzherbert "Fitz" Harry

Are you still unsure how to jump start your own practice/own business?

Fitz Harry shares how he started his journey with Physical Therapy and now owning his own practice – Harry Physical Therapy and Wellness.

In this episode:
03:10 – Introduction of Fitz Harry.
06:25 – What sparked Fitz’ interest into PT?
07:00 – What influenced Fitz to start his own practice?
07:25 – When did Harry Physical Therapy and Wellness started?
10:35 – Success tips from Fitz.
10:40 – Do not copy someone else’s business. – Fitz
16:30 – Why did he chose to serve the medicare part B population?
20:55 – Why did he chose to serve Parkinson’s patients?
22:15 – Follow the M.E.N.T.O.R method. – Dr. Mike
23:15 – Niche down to scale up.
25:45 – Fitz shares how he educates his patients.
31:30 – Does Fitz network?
34:20 – When networking, be interested and not interesting.
24:45 -- Hellonote
36:05 – Optonome
38:15 – Home Health Contract Show
39:30 – Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Seminar
43:20 – What courses/coaching did Fitz invest in to scale up his practice and business?
56:00 – When starting a business or something else, always remember – you are not hunting, you are farming.

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