How an Occupational Therapist opened her first kids gym!

How an Occupational Therapist opened her first kids gym

How an Occupational Therapist opened her first kids gym! 

Do you want to be successful? 

Take action!  

Make your first step, gain the momentum and don’t be afraid to fail. 

Guiselle and Kelsey share how they started their own kid’s gym and how they overcame the challenges they faced. 

In this episode: 
02:25 – QOTD “There’s no shortcut to doing the work.” 
04:20 – Success is not an overnight thing. 
05:40 – Introduction of Guiselle Miranda, OTR. 
07:35 – Why did she choose to have a kid’s gym? 
09:25 – The MENTOR method. 
10:30 – Introduction of Kelsey Bush, OTR. 
11:40 – How Kelsey started her play gym? 
13:25 – A tour around Kelsey’s The Play Hut. 
17:00 – Kelsey talks about what she learned from Guiselle’s course. 
19:00 – How has the first few weeks since the opening of The Play Hut? 
22:35 – How much is the monthly fee or membership for the play gym? 
23:40 – Where did Kelsey start with her play gym? 
24:40 – What was the most difficult part when starting? 
27:10 – Where did she buy the equipment/play sets? 
29:55 – Question: If you need OT, are they all cash basis? 
32:05 – What are the major insurances accepted? 
38:55 – What was Guiselle’s biggest challenge in opening up her kid’s gym? 
40:40 – What was Kelsey’s biggest fear and how did she turn it around? 
43:25 – Worrying is like a rocking chair – you feel that you are moving but you are not going anywhere. – Dr. Mike 
46:45 – Don’t let fear hold you back, take that step. – Guiselle 
48:10 – Always remember the word FAST. 

Reach out to Guiselle @guisellemiranda @startyourownkidsgym 
Check out Kelsey’s play gym website  

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