The Wheel of Life with Javier A. Carlin

Javier A. Carlin

The Wheel of Life with Javier A. Carlin

Have you ever found yourself thinking… why would anyone ever hire a life coach?

Here’s why... 

Introducing this simple, yet POWERFUL tool the Wheel of Life!

In This Podcast:
01:56 – Why would anyone think of getting a Life Coach?
05:10 – The Wheel of Life.
06:16 – Key#1: It can work for you.
06:57 – What is The Wheel of Life?
07:39 – How does the Wheel of Life works and how does it help?
13:21 – It helps you see your life from a bigger picture.
14:15 – Key #2: Do it and show your results.
14:35 – Signs that you might need help in certain areas.
18:29 – If anyone of you needs someone to talk to, reach me out!

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