How to Start Your Dementia Practice as a Speech Therapist with Jessie Hillock

Jessie Hillock

How to Start Your Dementia Practice as a Speech Therapist with Jessie Hillock 

Do you want to be the authority or the go-to person in your area with the coaching or therapy that you offer? 

Jessie shares her business journey – from processing her medical credentials, how she started and the packages that she is offering.  

In this episode: 
03:00 – QOTD “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” – Henry Ford 
06:05 – Introduction of Jessie Hillock. 
07:40 – What does Jessie do and how can she help you find your alternative career? 
09:45 – What motivated her to pursue her current career? 
11:10 – What has the current situation taught her? 
13:20 – How did she start out her business? 
15:45 – Put yourself out there – network yourself. 
19:50 – Jessie talks about the process and the time it took to start her business. 
23:30 – Learn to delegate. – Dr. Mike 
25:30 – How to process medical credentialing? 
28:00 – How does she conduct her dementia family coaching? 
38:00 – What are the packages that she offers? 
42:00 – What was her biggest challenge and how did she turn it around? 
48:40 – Always remember the word FAST. 

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