Resume, Interview and Job Search Tips with Joanie Johnson

Joanie Johnson

Resume, Interview and Job Search Tips with Joanie Johnson

How can my LinkedIn profile be my resume? (You might ask.)

Dr. Mike and Joanie discuss how important it is to have a professional formatted resume and a personalized cover letter -- which can land you your dream job.

In this episode:
04:45 – Introduction of Joanie Johnson.
08:20 – Is it worth it to get the LinkedIn Premium account? How do you make the most out of your LinkedIn profile?
11:20 – Your LinkedIn profile can be your resume.
11:40 – What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?
12:40 – What are the most effective keywords for your LinkedIn profile?
14:40 – The goal of every business is to “WOW” the customer.
18:30 – Your resume needs to stand out and look professional.
22:30 – Do I keep applying for the same job even though I got rejected already?
23:50 – Professional resume and personalized cover letter – must haves.
25:50 – You have to be aligned with the mission and vision of the company.
28:30 – What can you bring to the company to help them with their quality metrics, program growth and development?
31:50 – 5 Tips to write a professional resume.
33:30 – Question: How long should an email cover letter be and what are the components of a good cover letter?
38:25 – Resumes should focus on outcomes.
41:15 – Question: The company did not contact me back after they hired me, what should I do?
47:40 – Dr. Mike’s tip during interviews – be interested not interesting.
49:25 – Stay humble and grounded.
57:40 – Always remember the word FAST.

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