ACG Interview With Juan Michelle Martin of JMM Health Solutions

ACG Interview with Juan Martin

Today, we have Juan Michelle Martin from Barbados base in Atlanta Georgia. She’s a fitness coach and a Physical Therapist for over 12 years in orthopedics and pediatrics until she transitioned in the pelvic floor.

She is also doing her practice through Telehealth sessions.

Enjoy watching!

In this podcast with Juan Martin :

01:30 –  Why did Juan choose to specialize as a pelvic floor therapist?

06:45 – How to become a pelvic floor therapist? How to do Telehealth?

14:18 – How can you reach Juan?

15:00 – How can you start as a pelvic floor therapist?

You can reach out to Juan’s website for mentorship at  JMM Health Solutions  also visit her Instagram post #THEPELVICPERSPECTIVE and her FB Page –