Tuesday Dementia Training with Lizette Cloete, OTR

Lizette Cloete

Tuesday Dementia Training with Lizette Cloete, OTR 

We have a special guest today, Lizette Cloete, she’s an Occupational Therapist based in South Carolina and she has her own business called Innovative Therapy Services and we’re here to ask her some questions.

In This Podcast:
02:11 – Introducing Lizette Cloete.
03:10 – What brought her to States?
04:29 – What can we learn today from Lizette?
09:06 – How can you manage medication in a patient’s house?
10:17 – The Pill Pack.
13:34 – How can we help transition to having help at home?
16:13 – The Denial Stage.
16:51 – The Anger or Humor Stage.
17:46 – The Bargaining Stage.
18:09 – The Depression Stage.
18:45 – Medication Management.
20:30 – Coaching and Counseling.
22:07 – How do you find a Coach?
24:00 – Last parting wisdom from Lizette.
25:52 – Why is it called “Care Giver”?
27:09 – Mike and Lizette answers Questions!
33:29 – Where can you find Lizette?
34:47 – Always remember the word F-A-S-T!

Email: InnovativeTherapyServices2020@Gmail.com
Website: http://www.innovativetherapyservices.com

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