Memory Loss One Button Radio / Large Retro Style Radio 11.75″w x 7.25″h x 6.25″d


    People with Alzheimer’s often find music a great comfort, even in the very late stages. This radio has just one button, on/off, to avoid the confusion that comes with dozens of different buttons.

    Caregivers can lift off the front panel to set the radio to the preferred station and volume, then screw it back on to hide the extra buttons.

    This radio is large – it might seem too large, if you’re used to tiny modern radios the size of a paperback. But the hefty size means it’s easy to find and hard to forget about, and it won’t get knocked over and broken.

    • This Retro Style analog AM/FM One Button Radio has been specially designed to be completely controlled by “One Button”. This unique radio is especially helpful for those with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Memory Loss, Poor Dexterity or Visual Impairment.
    • Excellent In Home Care product. Great Gift for seniors, elderly or the visual impaired. The box is simply labeled ‘One Button Radio’. Overall Dimensions: 11.75 W x 7.25 L x 6.25 H.
    • The caregiver or family member simply removes the front panel, selects the preferred station on either AM or FM and sets the volume to the desired amplification. Then just removes the control knobs (to avoid tampering) stores them in the power compartment in the rear of the radio & replaces the front panel.
    • Once the initial set up has been completed, the user simply pushes the button down to turn the radio on and pushes the same button down to turn the radio off. No more fiddling with all those confusing buttons & dials!
    • Music may be downloaded & played using a USB memory stick – MP3 file format ONLY. While playing music via the USB stick, the front cover panel will remain off. Speakers are built into the radio. Headsets or external speakers cannot be plugged into it..

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