The Next Gen EMR With Ray Berardinelli

Ray Berardinelli

The Next Gen EMR With Ray Berardinelli

Learn How You Can Save Time and Money with 25 minutes of Documentation per Therapist, per Day...

With Ray Berardinelli

In This Podcast:
04:25 – Introducing Ray Berardinelli
07:14 – Ray Berardinelli’s story
13:44 – What pushed him to start his own documenting EMR?
17:47 – What is his next step?
19:58 – Who is the system for?
24:03 – Is there an automatic follow up for the patients?
25:55 – Systems for the patients
35:03 – What’s next for Self-doc AIMR?
40:20 – Artificial Intelligence
41:48 – Where can you reach out to Ray Berardinelli?
42:00 – Last parting wisdom from Ray
45:13 – Always remember the word F-A-S-T!
50:45 – Be a M-E-N-T-O-R


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