Interview With Stephen Dunn Of Pilates For PTs

Stephen Dunn

Interview With Stephen Dunn Of Pilates For PTs

 Can I charge my patients cash while providing services? Or should I just stick with medicare/insurance? 

 Stephen Dunn shares his alternative career – Pilates instructor.  

 He also shares his journey from being an employer, getting fired and now owning his own business. 

In this episode: 
02:50 – “Speak it into existence!” 
05:25 – Who is Stephen Dunn? 
08:35 – Stephen’s journey from being an employee, losing his job to opening his own business. 
15:00 – All about learning Pilates and opening his studio. 
21:05 – Make the most out of every quadrant in life that you are planted in. 
21:20 – When you complain, you remain. When you praise, you get a raise. – Dr. Mike 
25:45 – Stephen shares his experience from moving from California to Texas. 
35:15 – Passion, Productivity, Profit.  
36:00 – Is Stephen using an EMR? 
39:50 – What was Stephen’s biggest failure and how did he turn it around? 
47:15 – Question: How long it takes to learn and get a Pilates certification? 
50:05 – Keep pushing, be inspired and let your failures your blessings. – Stephen  
54:05 – Always remember the word FAST. 

 You can reach Stephen through his website  
You can check out his courses here 

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