How will an EMR make my practice successful

Steve Glukh

How will an EMR make my practice successful?

Are you on the verge of opening your own home health contracting?

Steve Glukh, Hellonote’s CEO, shares his expertise and answers questions about his EMR, starting a new business and how an EMR can supplement your success.

“Hellonote was created with simplicity in mind.” – Steve

In this episode:
02:45 – “No pressure, no diamonds.”
09:35 – How can you start with medical credentialing?
17:15 – Who needs to be credentialed?
23:10 – Focus on one goal, do it and learn along the way.
25:40 – We have not because we asked not. – Dr. Mike
27:35 – Referral sources comes from great feedbacks.
29:50 – What are the benefits of being credentialed?
34:00 – How much does each credential cost?
34:45 – Develop relationships over revenue.
41:20 – Steve shares how Hellonote is so simple to use especially with starting home health contractor.
46:50 – Why do you need an EMR? How will it make you successful?
51:00 – Hellonote’s competitive pricing.
58:05 – Do not be scared to reach out. – Steve
1:01:55 – Always remember the word FAST.

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