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ACG Podcast With Jaclyn Elizabeth

ACG Podcast Interview With Jaclyn Elizabeth

    Our ACG special guest today is Jaclyn Elizabeth. They sell peripheral vascular equipments. In this podcast with Jaclyn Elizabeth: 01:00 – Where is Jaclyn from? 02:00 – What are peripheral vascular equipments? 03:00 – Jaclyn tells us about her job and the qualifications. Do you have an advantage if you have a clinical

MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast With Jerri Bosch Manale

MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast With Guest Jerri Bosch Manale

  Our special guest today is Jerri Bosch Manale. She is a full time caregiver for her husband who has Frontal Temporal Dementia. In this podcast with Jerri Bosch Manale: 01:30 – Jerri tells us her story and her experiences with her husband’s dementia 04:00 – Jerri and Mike talk about having a proper diagnosis

Misunderstanding Dementia Podcast with Francesca Alonso Tubbs

The MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast With Guest Francesca Alonso Tubbs

  Our special guest today is Francesca Alonso Tubbs. She is a speech therapist and we will learn a lot from her today especially about starting a business and in being a caregiver. She has a business, Perfect Solutions For Seniors in Sarasota, Florida. In this podcast with Francesca Alonso Tubbs: 01:30 – Francesca talks

The MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast with Guest Eileen Corbett

The MisUnderstanding Dementia Podcast with Guest Eileen Corbeet

  Our special guest today is Eileen Corbett. She uses her hair stylist skills to take care of her mother who has dementia. Eileen used to be the manager of a hair salon in JC Penny. Today we will have a lot to learn from Eileen Corbett. In this podcast with Eileen Corbett: 01:30 –

Misunderstanding Dementia Podcast with Dr. Jenna Kantor

Our special guest today is Dr. Jenna Kantor. She’s also a physical therapist and she has some experience with taking care of dementia patients. In this podcast with Dr. Jenna Kantor: 01:00 – Jenna talks about herself and her experiences 02:00 – Jenna talks about dementia running in the family and Mike tells us more

Career Transition with Mike Chua and Marcy Travis

With Marcy Travis

Today we have a very special guest, Marcy Travis, where we talk about career transition. Marcy has a few freebies to give away at the end so tune in! In this podcast: 01:50 РMarcy talks about transitioning to a job you love 02:30 РMarcy talks about herself and her previous work 05:00 РMarcy